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Sirui N-2204 Tripod with K-20X Ballhead: A Pro Review By Chris Graham

We're always looking for professional photographers who use Sirui products. We recently met pro photographer, Chris Graham and saw amazing images and a great review on the Sirui N-2204 Tripod with K-20X Ball Head.


When we asked Chris if we could share his review page and images, he said, "That sounds great! I bring my Sirui pretty much everywhere I go with my camera and try to recommend it to anyone that is in the market for one."



"I wanted something that was lightweight, therefore preferably carbon fiber, sturdy enough to hold a larger DSLR with a 300mm zoom, and something that would stretch out, allowing me to get my camera close to the ground.  It seems I found all those things and more in the Sirui N-2204 with the K-20X Ball head."

"As you will see, I really like this product and wanted to let more people know about it..."

"The first thing I noticed about the entire kit was that it seemed to be made very well.  Having a manufacturing background, I could tell at first glance that this wasn't going to be some cheap flimsy thing that I was going to have to replace in 3 months down the road.  Overall build seemed very solid."

"Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase.  It's well-built and has performed exactly as I have hoped.  It does look pretty beefy, but at the same time, the carbon fiber material makes it light.  The legs extend and retract quickly and I can adjust their angles without any really effort."

"The K-20X ball head is a precision machined piece of art.  It's so smooth that every time I use it, I still am amazed at how nice it is."

"So if you're in the market for a new lightweight tripod, I highly suggest checking out the Sirui N-2204 with the Sirui K-20X ball head, it won't completely drain your wallet like some of the other high end brands, but I think it's very comparable in quality."


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As with all Sirui professional photographic products, the Sirui N-2204X Carbon Fiber Tripod and K-20X  ball head comes with Sirui's 6 year warranty!

For more information on the Sirui N-2204X Carbon Fiber Tripod and K-20X  ball head or the full line of Sirui products, please go to www.argraph.com or check out our Facebook site at www.facebook.com/SiruiProfessionalTripods