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Seriously! Trial Use of SIRUI New Mobile Phone Wide-angle Attachment Lens

All kinds of social platform information sharing like mobile phones display wonderful things every day. Sometimes you will find you have insufficient data to see different kinds of recordings of travelling and self-snapshots shot by mobile phones. In the era of instant shooting and instant sharing of through mobile phones, SLR photos give you a different feeling. The strong desire of shooting, photographing and sharing produces many kinds of mobile photographing accessories. The fact that each manufacturer is striving to capture the market shows a problem: the original lens of a mobile phone cannot meet with people's expanding photographing demands.

SIRUI has always been dedicated to photographing accessories. The latest launched 18mm mobile phone wide-angle attachment lens-18-WA of SIRUI is completely different from those toy-like plastic products of so many brands in the mobile phone attachment lens market.  SIRUI is serious, what are this 18-WA's quality and shooting effects like? You may know from the following:

SIRUI 18-WA attachment lens kit has two parts, including mobile phone mount and wide-angle attachment lens.

18-WA wide-angle attachment lens has an exterior of full aluminum alloy after a surface process of anodic oxidation which is common on tripods due to its highly effective abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance. It gives you a feeling of heaviness in hand. Purely in terms of appearance, it cannot be likened by those booth goods of several dollars at the village gate.

Why SIRUI is serious? According to official report, this wide-angle lens uses SCHOTT glass as material. In addition, the group parameters of SLR lens are shown on 18-WA. Such a little lens is loaded with 6 groups and 6 pieces of lens. The front lens has a purple jade-like stone green functional coating, which has some effects in restraining dispersion and glare. 

On the configuration, SIRUI is considerate. It is equipped with the front and back lens caps as well as with Plant flannelette bag. Because the back lens cap is as small as a nail, it easily gets lost. To solve this problem, SIRUI's design is to connect it with the front lens cap for the purpose of not losing it.

The installation of the mobile phone mount is quick and simple; it can be done just by putting on the top of the phone. There are front and back lenses on the phone, so SIRUI's 18-WA mount cover can also match both of the two lenses on the phone. The wide-angle attachment lens is applicable to both the front lens and the back lens.

Effects of Mount Installation

The installation of 18-WA wide-angle attachment lens and the mount cover is much simple, follow the locking direction on the lens, aim the lens to mount cover, and then turn to lock it.

Installation effects of Back lens

iPhone6 is used in this test, the focal length of the back lens is 29mm, what changes would appear after the installation of 18-WA wide-angle attachment lens will be shown in the following comparison of several real shooting photo groups.

Real shooting photos:

Summary of trial use
On the base of original lens of a mobile phone, SIRUI 18-WA widens the viewing and enables the phone to display better shooting effects of buildings and sceneries. Perhaps this attachment lens is not as playful as many other plastic attachment lenses, but its making process and photographing experiencing are far better. However, the editor thinks that this 18-WA lens has a novel mount design and it has bigger improving space. It is expectable that more lenses of many different effects on such base will be developed.

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