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Video Recording More Handy SIRUI HA-77 Rocker Arm Evaluation

The evaluated product this time in Jiayou Evaluation Room is SIRUI HA-77 rocker arm together with other SIRUI products. Today let's see what is this SIRUI HA-77 rocker arm like?

Currently most of the SLR cameras in the market have the function of 4K video. As a well-known brand in the country, SIRUI shrewdly has noticed this and put out its first rocker arm-HA-77. As most of the friends of SIRUI know, SIRUI has always been dedicated to the research and development and manufacturing of professional photographing tripods, bags, ball heads and dehumidifying cabinets, and so on. Most friends are still ignorant of SIRUI's first rocker arm. The editor details the evaluation of such rocker arm. First, let's look at these parts of the rocker.

Components and parts of SIRUI HA-77

Handle and hook

These components and parts are not complicated. It is very convenient to dismantle and assemble timely when photographing. One important thing worth mentioning is that the handle and hook can be used as spanner, which greatly has bettered the convenience of the dismantling and assembly of the rocker arm.

People should have preliminary understanding of SIRUI's first rocker arm after having looked at the overall appearance of SIRUI HA-77. To deepen people's understanding, the editor is going to show the details of this rocker.

Detailed appearance

SIRUI HA-77 rocker arm is SIRUI's first product of rocker series. After having looked at the appearance composition, next, let's look at the details of performance of SIRUI's first rocker arm-HA-77.

Connect the base of HA-77 to the tripod

Pitch-locking knob and angle logo

Slant angles can be seen clearly through the angle logo on the pitch-locking knob

handle and hook

Sponge cover on the handle protects users' hands in winter and prevents slippery in summer. The hook is used to hang heavy objects.

Scale identification on the main post

Main post not lengthened

Lengthened main post matched with SIRUI K-20X head

Axial-movement knob locker of main post

There is clear scale identification on the main post with extension tube for adjusting the distance to the filmed object in order for better effects. The axial-movement knob locker of main post can fix the main axis to prevent accidental shaking.

Video recording and summary

The details feel good. Both of its workmanship and its humanized design can be a delicacy, but without the knowledge of the effects of real filming.