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Trial report of SIRUI UrbanPro 13 bag

SIRUI, as a well-known manufacturer of photography accessories, is keeping releasing many excellent accessories for shutterbugs. Tripods and bags are the two main accessories shutterbugs.Tconcern, so SIRUI keeps innovation on those products. The new bag named "UrbanPro 13" arrived at Xitek studio. Let's check and test to see what makes this bag matching the name of "UrbanPro".

The dimension of UrbanPro 13 is 29*13.5*44CM(W*D*H), net weight 1.58KG. The fabric, high quality Oxford Fabric, is new. After special processing, the fabric has the functions of waterproof and ventilation. What's more, the hardened lining makes the whole bag stiff.

Tripods are the frequently-used equipments of daily photography, so UrbanPro 13 is designed with a side pocket with a quick adjustment mesh belt to make the tripod locked tightly. Besides the side pocket is deep enough, so the swing of the tripod is reduced a lot. SIRUI pursuits perfect on details, even adding flip lock on the mesh belt to ensure no loosing.

UrbanPro 13 has a very clean and simple surface. The thickness of the belt is almost 2CM and designed with the ergonomic radian which relieves the pressure on the shoulders to the greatest extent.

The most exciting part is the waist belt. There is a small improvement but user experience is enhanced greatly. Editor has been used a lot of backpacks. Big backpacks usually have waist belt which can reducing the swings. Of course, it depends whether the users use the waist belts or not. But if the waist belts are not used, they look redundant.

Snap joints are attached to the end of the waist belts of UrbanPro 13. The waist belts can be detached by opening the snap joints. This structure avoids the awkward situation when the waist belts are not used.

Before &after the waist belts are detached

Honeycomb like back fabric is good for air ventilation, especially with heavy load and long time usage. It is the reason most of the normal bags even photographic bags adopt this fabric. What's more, SIRUI also improved the user experience of UrbanPro 13. You can see 4 uplift pads leaving a vertical ventilation channel in the middle. As we all know, the heat is harder to move out if the contact surface is bigger. You will only feel 4 touch points when using UrbanPro 13, so the heat can move out very easily.

Laptop compartment is set at the back side. According to official specification, the laptop compartment accommodates a 13" laptop only, but the editor has put a 14" laptop into it successfully with some technique.

Thicker and harder fabric makes the bags much more protective function on the laptop.

Front accessory compartment is equipped with key ring. Accessory compartment is mainly used for MP3, recording pen or Ipad ETC. digital products.

Besides, it is worth mentioning, SIRUI bags are all using world-renowned YKK zipper matching SIRUI own deigned Twiz-Lock zipper buckle which can keeps you safe from pickpocket.

The main compartment is enough to accommodate all daily equipments. The blue bag is rain cover among the accessories. Official fits date is 2 cameras, 4 lens and 1 flash lamp.

The loading space of UrbanPro 13" is fairly flexible, and the material of inner stuffing and partition are very good. From the view of editor, to reduce the shift of lens or camera when carrying on back or rolling, a small Nylon cable tie is very important.

Three compartments with zipper can be used for memory card, card reader and back-up battery.

Everyone knows the protective and waterproof functions of the rain cover. But without the rain cover, how is waterproof performance of the UrbanPro 13 fabric. Let's do a simple video test:

From the video test, the waterproof function of UranPro 13 fabric is good enough for sudden downpour but for big rain or rainstorm, wearing the rain cover is the safest measure.

In conclusion:
The SIRUI UrbanPro 13 bag shows the people oriented concept of design by many of its details. The AIR RUN ventilation system, detachable waist belts, big and flexible main compartment and the Twiz-Lock zipper buckle leave a good impression on the editor. First class material, top craft and modern simple design are worth a high score.
     1. The AIR RUN ventilation system makes the comfortable user experience.
     2. Waterproof function of the surface fabric is very good.
     3. Partition design is reasonable; detachable waist belts are people oriented.
Disadvantage: If with Nylon cable tie for the lens in the main compartment, it will have better protective function.