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SIRUI reaps a bumper harvest of honors including

Triumphant news keeps pouring in. Recently SIRUI has been constantly awarded three honors--"Guangdong Famous Trademark","2016 Guangdong Patent Gold Award" and "2016 Intellectual Property Advantage Demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong Province", which stands out as another significant landmark in the development history of SIRUI.

Through months of evaluation and a 20-day publication, on June 21st, 2016, Guangdong Province Administration For Industry & Commerce officially granted the title "Guangdong Famous Trademark" to SIRUI. The acquisition of this honor does not only reflect that our customers have confidence in and fondness for SIRUI products, but also represents the recognition of the brand SIRUI and our achievements from the state authorities. The certification of "Guangdong Famous Trademark" is beneficial for further enhancing the brand value of SIRUI. Meanwhile, it has added additional legal tool to ensure a wider scope of protection of trademark and a greater support from government, and strengthen our power to fight against infringing and fake product in future.

Besides "Guangdong Famous Trademark" SIRUI has also won the "2016 Guangdong Patent Gold Award" granted by the Guangdong Intellectual Property Office and was identified as "2016 Intellectual Property Advantage Demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong Province" which means  SIRUI does not only receive recognition in developing brand, but also acquires new harvest on the dedicated way of product research and development. Constantly obtaining three honors is another significant milestone of SIRUI's  path of brand development, which robustly enhances popularity and competitiveness of SIRUI, supports SIRUI to open up a broader market, and will become the motivation for our enterprise to make effort to improve our ability in product research and development, ensuring product quality, strengthening market development, and the overall service quality. In future, SIRUI will continue to step up efforts in independent technological innovation, protecting intellectual property rights, building mature intellectual property management system and incentive mechanism, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.

2016 Intellectual Property Advantage Demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong Province

2016 Guangdong Patent Gold Award