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‘SIRUI Industrial Design Center’ awarded the ‘Provincial Industrial Design Center’ Certification

Recently, Guangdong Economic and Information Commission published the 'notification about publishing the certificated list of the 2017 Provincial Industrial Design Center by the Guangdong Economic and Information Commission'. According to the 'Management Method about certificating the Provincial Industrial Design Center for the Guangdong Economic and Information Commission', after reviewing and verifying in spot by the experts, 66 companies were certificated as the Provincial Industrial Design Center, including 57 Enterprise Industrial Design Centers, 7 Industrial Design Enterprises and 2 Industrial Design Bases (please click into the link http://www.gdei.gov.cn/ywfl/scfw/201706/t20170626_126629.htm for more details.) 

The Industrial Design Center of Guangdong SIRUI Optical Co., Ltd was awarded as the Provincial Industrial Design Center with his powerful original industrial design and creation ability. Before this, SIRUI has been honored as the 'Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research and Development Center' and the 'Zhongshan Municipal Enterprise Technology Center', which has fully affirmed that SIRUI was leading in the industry of Technology Research and Development and Industrial Design.

It's reported that the 'Guangdong Provincial Industrial Design Center' was an Enterprise Industrial Design Center or Industrial Design Center that certificated by the Guangdong Economic and Information Commission, which should be with powerful industrial design creation ability, bright features, standard management and highlighted performance, and the development level of it should be advanced in the province. Till now, there are only 12 Provincial Industrial Design Center in Zhongshan City, including the centers certificated this time.

In the future, with the background that the economy will be developed from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China', in order to drive the company for transformation development, SIRUI will continue to improve the high-end Photography Equipment Production Base Construction, enlarge the research and development funding, move forward to strengthen the Enterprise Patent and Standardized System Construction, explore the market in domestic and abroad, fully use our own R&D and technology advantage, make more higher valued quality products. Meanwhile, make 'SIRUI Optical Industrial Design Center' to be a cross-area, multidisciplinary and classic Industrial Design Center of the domestic, which can take the responsibility of a coordinated process service from the idea design, modeling, and prototype trial-produce to promotion. Gradually satisfy the additional valve of designing high-end products, launching fashion products of the industry and improving the featured products of the company with the Industrial Design. Make the Industrial Design to be the new power of leapfrog development of the company, and realize the great target of taking SIRUI to be the 'International Classic Brand'.