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SIRUI Awarded as a "Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center"

Recently, the Guangdong Province Economic and Information Committee, the Guangdong Provincial Finance Department, the Guangdong Province Local Taxation Bureau, the Guangdong Province State Taxation Bureau and theGuangdong branch of the general administration of customsissued the plaque for the 16th group of the Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Centers. Guangdong SIRUI Optical Co., Ltd. Stands out from the 450 enterprises from the whole province, and awarded as a "Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center".

It's reported that there were total 31 enterprises from Zhongshan City that awarded the honor this time, and in the whole city, there were up to 100 enterprises that had got this honor so far.

The Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Centers were strictly reviewed according to the requirements of the "Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center management method", the "Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center Certificated Functional Transfer Program (Revised)" and the "Announcement for certificating the 16th Provincial Enterprise Technology Center from the Guangdong Province Economic and Information Committee". The Enterprise Technology Centers certificated should have strong technical strength, good economic benefit and significant competitive advantage in the industry, perfectorganization system, standard operation management, cleardevelopment planning and development goals, a stable cooperation channel with universities or research institutes,perfect research, development and test conditions, strong technical innovation ability and high research and development investment, core technology with Independent Intellectual Property Rights, famous brand, leading position in the industry for the research, development and innovation level, technical leader with high skill level and rich experience and a certain scale of technical team,strong innovation talent advantage in the industry and an important demonstration and guiding role, which were for encouraging and guiding the enterprises to continuously improve their independent innovation capacity.

Since its establishment, SIRUI has been committed to the technology research, technical application and market development of the Photo and Video Tripod, Electronic Dehumidify Cabinet and Ball head. Its rich experience on the technical innovation, product innovation, industry application innovation, knowledge management has formed a strong brand competitive advantage, and made SIRUI to be the leader of the China Photography Tripod Industry.

Facing the change of the market competition environment, SIRUI will further invest in research and development, strengthen the management of technological innovation, firmly take the road of "Science and Technology Enterprise", improve the operation mechanism of technological innovation, start with optimizing the product line, focus on the R&D, production and sales of high-end optical lens products and their key components, precision photography equipment, new intelligent optoelectronic products and their critical components, in order to consolidate and enhance the core competitive advantage of the company in the field of photo and video equipment, promote the company to achieve leap-forward development and gradually achieve the goal of "creating a world-class brand".