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SIRUI Attended the 2018 CES and Released its New Intelligent Products

The 51st CES, as the 1st big Show in 2018, is being held in Las Vagas during Jan 9 - 12.This year, as a well-known brand of the photography industry in China, SIRUI attended the CES and released its new intelligent products. This not only further enlarged SIRUI's product lines for photography, but also indicated that SIRUI was officially enter the field of intelligent and electronic products.

What's CES?

CES is an International Consumer Electronics Show that was held from the year 1967 and has a 50 years of history so far. It has become a window for the world's major electronic companies to release their product information and display high-tech levels and to promote future lifestyles.

SIRUI has strived to manufacture products that are innovate in design and concept and of the highest quality. Because of its superior production technology and established sales and support system, SIRUI is now known for developing, manufacturing and selling the most professional and highest quality photographic and video equipment in the industry, and has gained recognition and supportfrom photographers and shutterbugs all over the word, and became a fast developed company and a photography equipment mainstream brand with extraordinary influence.

SIRUI has attended many big shows all over the world, andthe new intelligent products released in the CES this time further indicated that SIRUI was a high technology enterprise with strong design capabilities and intellectual property. In the show, SIRUI not only presented its professional tripods, Mobile Phone Lenses and Accessories, but also presented 3 new developed intelligent products at the first time, including the BP306-01 Ballpod, ES-01 Single Axis Handheld Stabilizer, and the high-profile ES-02 Three-axis Handheld Stabilizer.

BP360-01 Ballpod

Take your Photography to new and amazing levels.

The SIRUI BP360-01 BallPod can help your mobile phone shoot professional quality images with its full control remote module and the SIRUI SMART APP. Its automatic face following, optical flow,feature follow, panoramic VR image, photo share and other high-end functions can take your photography to new levels. Perfect for shooting photos or videos for conference, group, outdoor activities and other created works. 

ES-01 Single Axis Handheld Stabilizer

A good stabilizer for shooting with your mobile phone.

The ES-01 is a stylish and portable, multi-functional single axis handheld stabilizer. This Stabilizer improves your shooting capabilities with an intelligent and electronic phone stabilizing technology, and helps you to capture clear, stable images with your mobile phone. It can help to adjust the mobile phone to any angle and keep it inbalanced horizontally while shooting. Using the SIRUI SMART APP allow you expand the capabilities of the ES-01 to create amazing images and the APP also allows the instant sharing of your photos and videos.The ES-01 is the perfect accessory foryour phone to create amazing shots every time!

ES-02 Three-axis Handheld Stabilizer

Helps you shoot the steadiest video and maximize your shooting experience.

SIRUI ES-02 Three-axis Handheld Stabilizer stabilize your shot with an intelligent algorithm. Its electronic anti-shake technology and its stable motorized system perfectly match the movement of the three axes allowing for the most amazing shooting results. The ES-02 can almost eliminate the shaking of the frame on your mobile camera by counteracting the movements of the human body. Its follow feature, 360 degree panoramic shooting, beauty filter, camera timer and other functions help to keep your photos and videos steady at all times and bring you a smooth and fantastic shooting experience.

SIRUI Mobile Lens

Taking photos or videos with your mobile phone becomes a mainstream in this era, it can help you record the touched and happy moment. SIRUI Mobile Phone Auxiliary Lenses were developed to help you get stunning images without missing.

SIRUI 18mm Wide Angle Lens - helps you create stunning 18mm wide angle professional quality images.

SIRUI 60mm Portrait Lens -helps you create stunning portraits and beautiful telephoto images.

SIRUI FE Fisheye Lens - helps you create stunning ultra-wide angle and macro professional quality images.

SIRUI has been working hard on its own research and development products.From the professional design of the tripods, to the breakthrough of optical lens, and to the research and development of intelligent products, SIRUI brings surprises to users constantly. The intelligent products released in the CES this time, indicated that SIRUI is officially entering the intelligent and electronic product field.

SIRUI takes this as an opportunity to continue to adhere to independent innovation with the support of science and technology, develop high and new technology products with independent intellectual property rights, accelerate the transformation of results, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises to achieve the goal of "creating a first-class brand".