S-N Series

SIRUI S-N Series flat style tripods have an extremely functional appearance, are only 4 cm (1.6 inches) thick when folded flat and are small enough to be easily carried and stored in a suitcase or backpack. All SIRUI S-N Series tripods have lightweight 8 layer 100% Carbon Fiber legs for added strength, increased load capacity and vibration reduction.

For added versatility, SIRUI S-N Series tripods are designed with a detachable leg that converts into a monopod - extremely convenient when tripods are not allowed or when shooting in narrow areas. The center column can be attached to the monopod leg for increased height.

SIRUI S-N Series tripods have a unique leg position locking system that clicks in place when the tripod is opened. This guarantees that the tripod legs will be properly positioned - providing a rugged, stable support for your equipment. Simply open the tripod in the direction of the arrows, until it clicks into place. When you're ready to close the tripod, just press the red unlock button and close the tripod flat.

The legs have two angle positions for use on uneven terrain and for low angle macro shooting (a short center column is included). The reversible center column lets you mount your camera at a unique angle for low level or close-up shooting. The hook at the bottom of the center column allows you to hang additional weight (sand bag, camera bag, etc.) under the tripod for added stability.

These and many other valuable features make S-N tripods excellent for travel photography.

For an extra grip outdoors, SIRUI S-N 2 Series tripods have retractable stainless steel spikes.