IHS/HS Series

SIRUI HS Series Electronic Humidity Control and Safety Cabinets have a high performance dehumidifying system with microcomputer humidity control and an easy-to-read LCD screen displaying percentage of humidity and temperature in oC/oF. 

The SIRUI HS Series is silent running and energy-efficient. In addition to controlling internal humidity, these cabinets keep dust and dirt from accumulating on your valuable possessions. 
The SIRUI HS Series Electronic Humidity Control Cabinets also offer an additional degree of protection. They can also be used as secure safes! The extra strong walls (6mm thick cold-rolled steel) and heavy chassis - weighing up to 115 kg (253.5 lb.) - make it difficult to simply walk away with the cabinets. And the password protected and all metal door guarantees your valuables stay secure and out of sight.
There are four models to choose from: the compact SIRUI HS-50 with one adjustable shelf, the full-sized SIRUI HS110X with one adjustable shelf and the ultra-sized HS260X with 3 adjustable shelves. The high-tech SIRUI HS-70X has a Fingerprint Scanner that provides the latest in security and convenience!

The China Compulsory Product Certification (3C certification), certification number is 2014031904000284.
SIRUI HS Series Electronic Humidity Control Cabinets are designed to protect a wide range of valuables and precision accessories such as jewelry, lenses, photography and optical equipment, electronic products, microcomputers, chips, etc. The SIRUI designed and manufactured humidity control system prevents moisture from damaging your most precious possessions and helps extend their life and value.

The SIRUI Intelligent Electronic Humidity Control Cabinet can be remote-controlled via SIRUI APP or SIRUI Offical Account on Wechat.