VP Video QR Plates

All SIRUI VP Series Quick Release Plates are made from forged aluminum alloy. The forging technique produces high-density metals with much greater strength  than die-cast methods.   

SIRUI VP Series Video QR Plates are designed with slide-stopping rubber mats, come with 1/4 and 3/8 inch screws and are Manfrotto compatible. 

The SIRUI VP-90 is the standard Quick Release Plate supplied with the SIRUI VH-10 Professional Fluid Video Head. For easy attachment, you can slide either side of the VP-90 Plate onto the VH-10's Quick Release clamp. 

The SIRUI VP-125 is the standard Quick Release Plate supplied with the SIRUI VH-20 Professional Fluid Video Head. A spring-loaded positioning pin is on the plate for critical alignment of your video camera. 

The SIRUI VP-350 Telephoto Lens Support Quick Release Plate is designed for use with super telephoto lenses - to provide unrivaled stability and support for your heavy, expensive equipment. This two point support system prevents flexing and shaking - the biggest problems experienced when using only the telephoto lens' foot to support the heavy load. Using the VP-350 insures critically sharp images and peace of mind. 

All SIRUI VP Series Video Quick Release Plates are compatible with SIRUI Professional Fluid Video Heads.