3T Series

Never be without a tripod again. A nice idea, but no one has been able to build a high quality tripod that can really say that. Until today.

The SIRUI 3T-35 is an ultra-compact, rugged, portable and flexible table top tripod...and much more! It can easily fit in a camera bag, backpack or back pocket. And the belt hook keeps it ready at any time!

It's made of forged aircraft grade aluminum alloy and magnesium, so it's rugged, lightweight and built to last!

It's large, stable support legs can hold digital and video cameras weighing up to 4 kg(8.8 lb.).

And the two-section center column can extend to 34.2cm (13.5 in.)!

When you can't see over the crowd, extend the center column and fold down the support legs for added reach. And if you want to do a self-portrait, just adjust the position of your phone or camera with the ball head and start shooting stills or videos. It couldn't be easier!

The legs fold up for storage and provide an excellent grip for shooting photos or videos.

The excellent ball head comes with an Arca compatible quick release plate. And  when you remove the center column, the ball head can be placed directly onto the support legs for low angle shooting and maximum stability. Now you can lean against a tree, on an uneven surfaceor put it on a ledge for unique perspectives.

Insert Picture Please click here to see the video of SIRUI 3T-35 Table Top Tripods