The SIRUI VSK Series is a compact kit that lets you build the gear you need, when you need it! The kit lets you construct a Cage, Rig, Lowboy, Roller or Slider in minutes! You'll never have to worry about being in the field without the right tools to do the job!

You would need to buy 5 separate pieces of equipment - much heavier and costlier gear - to do what the SIRUI VSK-5 kit can do! It comes in a portable backpack that neatly stores all the components until you need them.

All major hardware is forged aircraft grade aluminum alloy - precision crafted for maximum strength and long life. All rods are strong, lightweight 8 layer 100% Carbon Fiber and can be setup or disassembled quickly and easily.

Each configuration can be done in minutes, without the need for special tools! Start working with the VSK-5 as a Shoulder Rig, then, quickly change to a Lowboy for that low angle shot! Need to track a subject or smoothly move in? Attach your gear onto the Roller or Slider instantly!

The SIRUI VSK Series Video Survival Kit is the perfect tool for shooting videos on the go! You'l never need to decide if you should bring all of your gear to an assignment. With the VSK-5, their always with you!