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Ultra-light and Ultra-portable Double-Purpose Trial Use of SIRUI VS-60 Sliding Rail

Nowadays, digital video recording no longer needs heavy photographing equipments and accessories as before. Light weight of apparatuses means that users can now finish their recordings without using heavy video recorders and heavy sliding rails. As a manufacturer of photography equipments and accessories, starting from traditional and conventional photographing accessories like tripods, SIRUI has gradually stepped into the research and development and manufacturing of diversified products. Especially some miniaturized and light-weight photography apparatuses are being incessantly put out. One of them is just SIRUI VS-60. Its aluminum alloy material with three-axes sliding design and CNC integrated grooved sliding rail ensures its stability. The biggest merit of SIRUI VS-60 sliding rail is that it weighs only 1kg but can bear a weight of 10kg. It is convenient to take along due to its smaller size and light-weight. It can support those equipments like Canon EOS 5D series machines.

Using effects of SIRUI VS-60 sliding rail

From the packing, we can see SIRUI VS-60 is quite tidy. It includes a portable bag, sliding rail and spanner, and so on.

It's very handy when folded

The specification of SIRUI VS-60 sliding rail is 650x180x65mm.  The main body includes sliding rail, one holder on each end with the adjusting pin, two quick release plates, gantry and two brake knobs. The editor details each part and installation as below.

After dismounting the nut, you can directly mount the 3/8 inch screw of the head.

A gradienter at the base of head

There is one level bead on the front side of the gantry which enables you to observe whether it is level or not. On the back side, there are four rollers. It uses hex washers to increase stability and, at the same time, it enables you to adjust the tensile force of the truckles according to your requirement. What you need only is an open spanner. There are adjusting pins on the two sides of the holders for the purpose of adjusting height as per request. The brake knobs on the two sides of the gantry can also be used to adjust position according to your need.

There is a 3/8 inch screw hole at the bottom of the sliding rail which can be installed on the tripod, and the installing position can also be easily adjusted on the sliding rail.

The position of the base to be installed with tripod is adjustable.

The holders on the two sides of the sliding rail

The height of the holder screw is adjustable

SIRUI VS-60 sliding rail is also equipped with two quick release plates whose positions can be adjusted with the included spanner and, for better stability they can be supported by one or two tripods according to your requirement.

The installation effects of SIRUI VS-60 sliding rail

It is much easy to use SIRUI VS-60 sliding rail. Loose the fixing knob of the holder, rotate the holder to 90?, then relock the knob, it can be directly installed on the head. It can also be directly installed on the tripod. At last, mount the head or photographing equipment to the gantry with 3/8 inch screw, and you can move the brake knobs to your wanted position and lock it.

The head base is movable on the sliding rail, and a limit switch can be used for it.

Feeling of Trial Use:

SIRUI VS-60 photographing and recording sliding rail has been launched to meet with demand of the market. With the current increasing demands of users for photographing and recording, more and more photographers from professional fields are becoming interested in using SLR cameras. Definitely SIRUI's such product has greatly satisfied the market demands. Compared with professional photographing accessories, this product is more portable and more convenient. And the price which doesn't reach 200 dollars can be competitive.

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